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Directory listing for %s


iiÈs Content-typestext/html; charset=%ssContent-LengthN(RtlistdirterrorRRtsortRtcgitescapeturllibtunquoteRtwriteRRtislinktquotettelltseekRtsystgetfilesystemencodingRR"R( RRtlistRt displaypathtnametfullnamet displaynametlinknametlengthtencoding((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyRns>         $      cCsð|jddƒd}|jddƒd}|jƒjdƒ}tjtj|ƒƒ}|jdƒ}td|ƒ}t j ƒ}xS|D]K}t j j |ƒsŠ|t j t jfkrÀqŠnt j j||ƒ}qŠW|rì|d7}n|S(sñTranslate a /-separated PATH to the local filename syntax. Components that mean special things to the local file system (e.g. drive or directory names) are ignored. (XXX They should probably be diagnosed.) t?iit#R N(tsplittrstripRt posixpathtnormpathR6R7tfilterRRtgetcwdRtdirnametcurdirtpardirR(RRttrailing_slashtwordstword((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyR ˜s   * cCstj||ƒdS(sñCopy all data between two file objects. The SOURCE argument is a file object open for reading (or anything with a read() method) and the DESTINATION argument is a file object open for writing (or anything with a write() method). The only reason for overriding this would be to change the block size or perhaps to replace newlines by CRLF -- note however that this the default server uses this to copy binary data as well. N(tshutilt copyfileobj(Rtsourcet outputfile((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyR²scCsdtj|ƒ\}}||jkr/|j|S|jƒ}||jkrU|j|S|jdSdS(s»Guess the type of a file. Argument is a PATH (a filename). Return value is a string of the form type/subtype, usable for a MIME Content-type header. The default implementation looks the file's extension up in the table self.extensions_map, using application/octet-stream as a default; however it would be permissible (if slow) to look inside the data to make a better guess. R/N(RKtsplitexttextensions_mapR,(RRtbasetext((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyRÂs   sapplication/octet-streamR/s text/plains.pys.cs.h(t__name__t __module__t__doc__t __version__tserver_versionRR RRR RRt mimetypestinitedtinitt types_maptcopyRZtupdate(((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyRs"    4 *      cCstj||ƒdS(N(tBaseHTTPServerttest(t HandlerClasst ServerClass((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyRiåst__main__(R_R`t__all__RRKRhR6RR4R=RURbt cStringIORt ImportErrortBaseHTTPRequestHandlerRt HTTPServerRiR](((sS/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/SimpleHTTPServer.pyts(           É