! This the manifest file for the Parchment in-browser interpreter, and gives ! the necessary details to Inform's release component (called cBlorb) so that ! the interpreter can be bundled into a released website, all set up ready ! to play the IF story file being released. ! Manifest files have a simple format. They are allowed to set the value of ! any cBlorb placeholders that they would like to, but the ones below are the ! only ones they will likely want to set. These two are needed for the footer ! of the play page: [INTERPRETERVERSION] Parchment for Inform 7 (2019-09-25) [] [INTERPRETERURL] https://github.com/curiousdannii/parchment [] ! Note that we don't set [INTERPRETER]: cBlorb has already set that to the ! name of the interpreter, in this case, to "Parchment". ! This declares whether the interpreter can handle blorbed Z-machine files ! ("z"), blorbed Glulx files ("g") or both ("zg" or "gz"). No other values ! are legal; note lower case. [INTERPRETERVM] z [] ! [INTERPRETERHEAD] provides code to go into the ... of the ! web page playing the work. (Placeholder text starts on the line after the ! name, and continues until a line reads just []. Line breaks are included ! between lines, though not at the end of the final line; white space is ! stripped out at the left and right hand edges of each line.) ! In writing the head and body, note that the structure of the site being ! constructed is: ! play.html <-- page on which the interpreter runs ! interpreter ! ...the base64-encoded story file... ! ...any files copied over according to the manifest below... ! The placeholder [ENCODEDSTORYFILE] expands to the leafname of the base64 ! version of the story file, which might be (but should not be assumed ! to be) "story.zblorb.js". [INTERPRETERHEAD] [] ! [INTERPRETERBODY] provides the part of the page where the window ! or gadget actually appears. [INTERPRETERBODY]


is an interpreter for Interactive Fiction. Find out more.

[] ! The following footnote is added to the small print about how to play IF ! on the game's main page: [INBROWSERPLAY] Or you can play without downloading anything by following the 'Play In-Browser' link, using the [INTERPRETER] interpreter. You'll need to have Javascript enabled on your web browser. [] ! cBlorb encodes the story file into base64 so that it can be loaded in ! Javascript despite being binary data. The encoding is topped and tailed ! with the following, in order to make the result a valid Javascript function ! call with a string argument: [BASESIXTYFOURTOP] processBase64Zcode(' [] [BASESIXTYFOURTAIL] ') [] ! Outside of the placeholder parts of the manifest, lines beginning '!', or ! lines which contain only white space, are thrown away; so this is a comment. ! Non-comment lines are the names of files which are copied across when the ! release is made. Anything not listed here won't be copied. jquery.min.js parchment.min.css parchment.min.js zvm.min.js